Here’s what some of our customers have to say about the Preppin' Weapon

"Super tool! I have purchased several other sanding blocks over the years and none are like this one. Where was this when I needed it? Changing paper is a snap and it’s so comfortable to use." Jim, Rochester, IN

"This is the most efficient sanding block that I have seen in years. We do a lot of custom woodwork and power sanders just can’t do the precision finishing touches that we need. The Preppin’ Weapon is the tool that allows us that luxury. I know the different colors can be used for different grits, but each of my crew picks their favorite color so nobody else touches it!" Jones Brothers Custom Wood & Paint, Norman, OK

"I have soreness in my hands so I must be careful how much time I spend hand sanding. I have purchased many other sanding blocks and have yet to feel comfortable with them. This is different. When you use it, the feeling is natural. After looking back at the job, it seemed that it was effortless." Dave, Pittsburgh, PA

"I can now see, after using the Preppin’ Weapon, that the award given by the American Wood Workers for design and efficiency is actually based on the facts. Who would have thought that a sanding block could be so much fun to use? Thanks for making my work easier and fun too." Robbie, Fort Worth, TX

"Truly the sanding block we’ve all dreamed about. No more hand made blocks!" John, Little Rock, AR

"This is the most ergonomic and comfortable sanding block of any I have ever tried." J. Hovelman, Oregon Wood Works

"Unbelievable tool! I have used blocks my whole life. We burn through the competitor’s blocks fast, but not this one. It’s built to last. In our industry, this is a must. I would have to say it’s the Cadillac of sanding blocks. My hands thank you." Les, Las Vegas, NV

"I like the way this block was designed with the handle low to the sanding surface. I have one with a high handle and did not realize (until I bought this one) how much easier it is to do my work with a low handle. My sanding is more productive and less exhausting. Keep up the good work." Daryl, Jesup, GA