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Code: P10
Price: $26.99
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds

Ergonomic Sanding Block 7-3/4″L X 2-3/4″W

Features and Benefits

Contoured shape fits the hand

Comfortable grip reduces fatigue during extended periods of work

Sized to fit a 1/4 sheet of plain-backed 9″X 11″ sandpaper

Also fits 2-3/4″ wide file paper

Save money by using the lower cost plain-backed sandpaper 

(can use adhesive backed paper too)

Polished stainless steel clips and levers outside

All stainless mechanism inside

Smooth feel

Stainless steel won’t rust

No sharp exposed parts to injure hands or scratch work surface

Made of high-impact ABS

Won’t break when dropped

Matte surface is easy to grip

End mounted clips require little sandpaper area for attachment

Cuts sandpaper waste by 36% compared to ordinary rubber block

Coil Spring Clip design

Holds single or multiple sheets of sandpaper equally tight

Save time by stacking up four sheets and tearing away one by one

Available in Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue

Save reloading time by using a different color block for each grit

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